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March gardening tips and advice

Part of January's gardening advice: pruning an apple tree

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This months gardening tasks include...


Weeds come back in to growth - deal with them before they get out of hand.


Prune summer flowering Clematis cutting above a low pair of green buds close to soil level.


Cut down Willows and Dogwoods to their base to promote strong new canes and cut down Hardy Fuchsias to ground level.


Cut down tall stems of Buddleia, shortening them to low-growing emerging shoots.


Trim winter flowering heathers.


Give fruit trees and bushes a potash feed.


Prune roses.


Toward the end of the month feed roses with a granular fertilizer.


Identify tall growing perennials and support with grow through plant supports.


Cut away all the old foliage on Hellebores


Remove seed heads of daffodils and other spring bulbs.


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